"A worthy, elite interior demands the presence of real art."

"We create the new reality of Your space- the space that can speak for itself."

Light-painting (options: day-night; day-evening; day-evening-night)

The unequalled technique elaborated by the author is based on the use of traditional acrylic and oil- colors combined with fluorescent, light-accumulating and invisible colors as well as with their linking components, which creates a holographic effect of volume. In the presence of special light, new symbols and signs invisible under the ordinary lighting are revealed, and shape, color and depth change. Several variants of alteration according to the light (from daylight and mixed evening- to night lighting) open new possibilities of presenting various moods not in one dimension only, but as if drawing the space apart. The technique creates an illusion of volume, giving an even greater impression of mystery and romance to the picture.

Design of offices, night clubs, private residences and hotels

Wall-painting, cealings

Starry sky, clouds changing their color, depth and shape, symbols, underwater effect...

Depending on the lighting and component materials, the options are:



Day - night

Day - evening

Day - evening - night


Experimenting fearlessly with light and symbols, with modern and traditional materials, having gone through countless tries, mistakes and disappointments, he brought new, non-standard ideas out from the underground of bars and nightclubs and applied them to our common everyday’s interiors meant for relaxation, peace and thinking.