Vadim Nilov is a modern artist who is searching for spaceto fulfill his art in the very centre of

the real world, eager to bring individuality and the beauty of images, colours and lights into

your office, club, leisure-place or your home. The artist is the author of a specific know-how

in portraying and designing his creations.The unique technology elaborated by him opens new

possibilities of reflecting different perceptions and thought- and shape representation spectres

as well as signs invisible under ordinary lighting and being revealed in the presence of special

light. Nilov is a master of creating highly valuable art-installations.









The artist acquired classical education – first at Rozental’s Art School in Riga, then at

the Art Academy of Latvia. In period between 1991 and 1994, he took active participation in

common exhibitions. In 1994, personal exhibitions took place in Warsaw and in the ‘Art-Modern’

gallery in Riga; in 1995, a personal exhibition was open in Sydney, Australia.

Vadim still does not stop his experiments in search of new thought-representation

possibilities, trying to find his own original concept. In the process of creating modern

business interiors for nightclubs and bars using fluorescent colours, an idea came to him to combine the latest technologies in colours and lighting with traditional painting. Why not? Experimenting fearlessly with light and symbols, with modern and traditional materials, having gone through countless tries, mistakes and disappointments, he brought new, non-standard ideas out from the underground of bars and nightclubs into common everyday’s  interiors meant  for relaxation, peace and thinking. His art is a never-ending game of post-modernly bold destruction of dogmas and stereotypes, a constant search for a way to combine the available mass culture with the complicated, hardly perceivable allegorical sense hidden almost in every element of his works. Having softened the acid, sometimes even aggressive colours typical of the clubs to make them pleasant for watching, the artist introduced a kind of magic into his works. The magic you want to believe in!

    Nilov’s works are being kept in private collections in Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Israel and Sweden. Nilov has also received the letters of gratitude from the Russian Federation Embassy, Mr Chernomirdin and Parex Bank.